FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs are allowed per booking?

You are booking one dog for one session, additional dogs are welcome. Up to 4 dogs in the pool at the same time. Extra dogs are charged at £10 each. All single sessions are private!

What age should my dog be to start swimming?

All dogs over 4 months are welcome, however please make sure they are fully vaccinated.

Sessions are fun swims where you and your dog can splash and play, a vet consent form is not required, however if you have any concerns about your dog’s health please consult your vet before booking.

Are there any changing facilities?

We do have facilities available for you to change. We do not have showers. Please bath or shower at home afterwards. We recommend you bring a towel to dry off after the session.

Do I need to get into the pool?

We highly recommend getting into the pool with your doggie. This session is for you and your dog to create memories, a stronger bond and have fun.

Your dog will look at you for safety and encouragement if you are in the water with them.

What should I wear?

While swimming with your dog, we do suggest that you wear a long-sleeved t-shirt and shorts in the water, which will help prevent dog scratches. If you have a wetsuit, you’re welcome to use it.

Are your sessions assisted?

We do have staff on site for your health and safety however, they are not instructed to look after your dog, give you swimming lessons, or look after children. We will do our best to advice on how to treat your dog and help with building confidence at the pool.

Can children attend?

All children under 14 need to be accompanied in the pool and supervised at all times they are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. Children cannot be in the pool on their own a parent or guardian must be with them. Please note that the sessions are for dogs.

What is the pool temperature?

Our pool is heated to approximately 27 Degrees, and has a low-chloride filter system making it safe and gentle on your dog’s skin.

Can I feed my dog before coming to swim?

Please make sure your dog is fed 2 hours before and has been taken out for a walk before the session begins. Toilet incidents in the pool are rare but do happen from time to time. These can lead to the pool having to close for up to 12 hours. If this should occur a £150 pool cleaning fee will be charged. All bookings on the day will be rebooked.

What happens in the 40-minute session?

Sessions are 40 min long which include your changing time and pool time. You have 5 min at the beginning to change and 30 mins in the pool to splash around with your dog and then 5 min to change and exit the premises as a new session will begin. The 30 min pool time for your dog is similar to a 2 hour walk in the park 

Lost and Found Property?

Any item that is left behind will be put into our Lost Property container. We will not be held responsible for any lost items.



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