When you book, you are hiring the pool to have Splashingly Good Fun, please be aware that you are hiring the pool for yourself and your dogs, and there will NOT be a hydrotherapist/lifeguard on duty.

We take every measurement to ensure the safety of dogs, however owners are fully responsible of their dogs . Please ensure they are kept on lead at all times unless in the pool. Once exiting the pool dogs need to be put back on lead and attached to the allocated hooks.

We make every effort to ensure that our premises are safe and secure. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person, animal or vehicles howsoever caused, whilst on our premises.

All dogs attending must be fairly clean and clipped nails.

Splash sessions are allowed to dogs who present no injuries, illness or health complaints. Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions, such as eye, ear or skin infections will NOT be allowed to swim.

Please clean after your dog if any toilet incidents occur on our premises. If you require a bag just ask.

American XL Bully Disclaimer!

If you’d like to attend a private session at Doggie Dips you are more than welcome!

You must follow these rules set by government laws and our insurers

The dog needs to be on lead and muzzled at all times except when in pool

Must have, public liability insurance, registered with IED 

Also needs to be microchipped, neutered. You might be asked to provide proof of your documentation upon your visit

If you are unable to produce these documents will lead to a cancellation of your session

Water Intoxication can occur when a dog swallows an excess amount of water. This is possible when dogs are playing with water, playing in the river or swimming. Water intoxication in dogs is rare, however it is possible for symptoms to show if a dog has taken in a large amount of water. When dogs have water intoxication, the amount of sodium in their blood becomes diluted, which can lead to hyponatremia (very low levels of sodium in their blood). The flow of water can cause swelling of the cells, and if this causes the brain cells to swell, this can lead to potential brain damage. Dogs who have water intoxication may lose coordination and could become lethargic and begin to vomit. You could also notice signs such as excessive salivation and dilated pupils. Although all dogs are at risk of this when around water, dogs with a smaller amount of fat to absorb excess fluid, and smaller dogs are at a higher risk of water intoxication.

For this reason, we highly encourage allowing your dog to have breaks on our splash deck during your booked swim time. Please ensure that your dogs are having enough time out of the water as well as in the water. If you notice your dog is taking in a lot of water while swimming, get them out and have a short play session to give them a break.




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